Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Our tea is Premium Quality 100% Rooibos tea leaves – not merely Export Grade, which may contain up to 20% stalks. If, however, you do not feel satisfied with your purchase, you may return unopened boxes within ten days of receipt for a full refund.

The Rooibos tea marketed by Newlands Import Corporation is harvested near the family farm, De Hoop, in the Cape Province of South Africa. It is processed and packaged by a leading South African company that manages Rooibos for distribution worldwide. The highest standards regarding consistent good quality product are implemented. Stringent quality control is practiced through every stage to ensure that the final product can be certified as Premium Quality Rooibos Tea.

The Rooibos is organically grown under ideal conditions and is processed in a facility that is certified for organic production.

All our tea is inspected and tested by the Perishable Products Export Control board of South Africa and is certified as Super Grade Rooibos. Each batch of tea is also certified by the Directorate of Health and Quality and a Phytosanitary Certificate is issued before export takes place.

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