Rooibos For Children And Babies

Rooibos For Children And Babies

In South Africa Rooibos has been used for generations as a supplement to breastmilk and is fondly known as "The Miracle Brew" due to the amazingly soothing effect it has on allergic babies. It is believed that this phenomenon was discovered accidentally when one day a frantic mother with a screaming baby in her arms, searched for a quick way to warm her baby's bottle (this was before the microwave oven era). She added some warm Rooibos tea to it and fed it to her baby. To her profound surprise the baby stopped screaming and actually went to sleep peacefully and happy. To make a long story short, this mother went on to help literally HUNDREDS of colicky babies using Rooibos tea as a supplement to both breast and formula milk. She, Annique Theron, recounted her experiences in a book called "Allergies: An Amazing Discovery" and became famous instantly. As did Rooibos tea!

For Mothers There Are The Following Indications:

Rooibos contains NO caffeine

This tea does not disrupt sleeping patterns - Drink Rooibos throughout the day without causing nausea and heartburn!

Rooibos contains 1/10 the tannin of regular teas

During pregnancy and breast feeding the body’s iron levels become depleted. Tannins in regular teas can strip you of up to one third of your diet’s iron - which can leave you with chronic fatigue. With Rooibos, this negative effect can be limited to a minimum.

Rooibos is natural and nutritious

The minerals in Rooibos supplement the daily intake of fluoride and calcium needed by growing children to develop strong teeth and bones.

And the taste!

Babies and Tots love the naturally sweet and aromatic flavor - especially when served as iced tea to replace acid-containing fruit juices or carbonated soft drinks.

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