The Health Benefits Of Rooibos

The Health Benefits Of Rooibos

Detailed research on the properties of Rooibos Tea has been done at a variety of institutions around the world. Results were published in several medical journals and periodicals over the years and suggest the following:

Rooibos fights oxidative stress

Rooibos contains a number of powerful flavanoids and enzymes with antioxidant powers. These antioxidants scavenge on free radicals, limiting their damaging effect. Free radicals are toxic compounds produced in our bodies during normal cell function. The free radicals attack healthy cells and contribute to aging and the decline of the immune system.

Rooibos protects the heart

Certain anti-oxidants protects your heart since they minimize cholesterol build-up and even prevent blood clots. It is reported that four cups of tea can lower your risk of heart disease by as much as 69%.

Rooibos tea help reduce insomnia and anxiety

Caffeine can be harmful to the central nervous system, causing irritability, high blood pressure and erratic sleep patterns. Sixty percent of tea drinkers experience insomnia and anxiety because of the high caffeine intake when they drink too much regular tea. Rooibos contains less than 1 mg of caffeine per cup. Even decaffeinated green tea contains 30 mg caffeine per cup!

You will feel more energized when you switch from regular tea to rooibos

The tannin-content of Rooibos is as low as 1/10 of normal tea. Tannins in regular teas can strip you of up to one third of your diet’s iron - which can leave you with chronic fatigue.

Rooibos contains no oxalic acid

The intake of food or beverages containing oxalic acid could cause kidney stones and reduce the absorption of calcium

Rooibos contains absolutely no additives or preservatives

Pure and Natural Rooibos can as a result be enjoyed in unlimited quantities throughout the day.

Rooibos contains essential minerals

The mineral content of Rooibos contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin, teeth, bones, and metabolic processes.

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